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The flying pizza serve gourmet pizza, burgers and pasta made with the finest and freshest traditional ingredients.

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Pizza  Menu

Cheesy Garlic Pizza Bread:

Simple garlic butter, herbs and cheese

$9 Small $11 Large

Simply Cheese:


$11 Small $13 Large

Simply Cheese And Ham:

Cheese and ham

$12 Small $15 Large


Our pure and simple cheese, tomato and basil pizza

$12 Small $15 Large

A-Pollo 1

Lift off with chicken, brie, red onion and cranberry sauce

$15 Small $18 Large

A-Pollo 2

Power up with BBQ chicken, bacon, capsicum and onion. Finished off with a BBQ sauce

$15 Small $18 Large


Ham, pineapple, onion and capsicum

$15 Small $18 Large

Meat Feast

A huge selection of ham, salami, bacon and chicken

$15 Small $18 Large


A taste of the sea! Mussels, smoked fish, prawns, calamari, onion, tuna and capers

$15 Small $18 Large

Veggie Delight

Artichokes, mushrooms, capsicum, sweet corn, fresh tomato, onion and courgette

$15 Small $18 Large

Italian Meatball Pizza

Onions and mushrooms topped with luscious Italian meatballs

$15 Small $18 Large


Ricotta, spinach, red onion and caramelised onion

$15 Small $18 Large


A strong and simple taste, heaps of salami

$15 Small $18 Large


If you like it hot! Spicy beef, pepperoni, onions, tabasco, jalapeños

$15 Small $18 Large

Thai Basil Chicken Pizza

Chicken breast, olive oil, fresh chopped garlic, fresh basil, sweet chilli paste, low sodium soy sauce, capsicum

$15 Small $18 Large

Flying Pizza

Chef’s special, salami, ham, chicken, onion, mushrooms, capsicum, olives, sweet corn and cheese

$17 Small $20 Large

Butter Chicken

Marinated tandoori chicken pieces, onion, butter chicken sauce and topped with mint yoghurt and coriander

$17 Small $20 Large


Salmon, cream cheese, capers, lemon zest, red onion

$17 Small $20 Large

Chilli Prawn Pizza

Chilli prawns with garlic and ginger atop onion, tomato and herbs

$17 Small $20 Large

A-Pollo 3

Red onion, chicken, sun dried tomato, feta, basil, pesto, garlic. Topped with pine nuts

$17 Small $20 Large

Blue Cheese

Caramelised onion, mushrooms, olives, and blue cheese

$17 Small $20 Large

Additional Toppings $1
Olives, Pineapple, Mushrooms 
Roast Garlic, Capsicum, Onion 
Capers, Feta, Jalapenos 
Sweet Corn, Anchovies 
Tomatoes/sun dried
Meat or fish

Gluten Free Bases available for extra - $5


Other Dishes

All $15 Large

Prawn Linguine

Prawn, garlic, tossed in oil, fresh and lemon

Spaghetti With Meatballs

Tasty Italian beef meatballs in a rich tomato, oregano, marjoram and onion sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese

Beef bolognese in a rich tomato sauce


The old favourite: Baked layers of pasta, beef bolognese sauce and creamy white sauce topped with cheese

Basil Pesto Chicken

Chicken and mushroom in creamy basil pesto sauce on fettuccine pasta

Fettuccine Carbonara

Bacon, mushroom, cheese and onion in a creamy sauce

Vegetarian Penne

Penne pasta with mushroom, broccoli and artichokes in a creamy white sauce

Chicken Tagliatelle

Chicken, mushroom, onion and cheese in a creamy sauce

Kids Burger

Chicken or beef cheeseburger

$5.5 Burger $8.5 Combo

The Flying Burger

Homemade beef patty with bacon, cheese, salad and your choice of sauce

$9 Burger $12 Combo

The Pollo Burger

Chicken breast fillet with bacon, cheese, salad and your choice of sauce

$9 Burger $12 Combo

Kiwi Burger

Large chicken or beef patty, salad, cheese, bacon, beetroot, egg and choice of sauce

$10 Burger $13 Combo

Burger combo includes: Chips and a can of drink 

Choice of sauce: Aioli, Mayo, Sweet Chilli, Tomato Relish, BBQ

Coleslaw $4

Garlic Bread $4.5

Hot Chips $4.5

Loaded Chips

Hot chips with one of the following toppings: chilli con carne, gravy, cheese and mayo, sour cream and sweet chilli or bolognese sauce$5.5

Chicken Nuggets

$4.5 6 pack

$6.5 12 pack

Prawn Twisters

6 pieces


Chicken Wings

With sweet chilli sauce and sour cream

$6.996 pieces

Baked Potatoes

Fresh baked potatoes hot from the oven with butter, salt and pepper and a topping of your choice. $7

Chicken/Bacon Salad

Chicken/Bacon Salad $7.00 With caesar or balsamic dressing


With chilli con carne

$8 Small $13 Large

Homemade Wedges

With bacon, cheese and sour cream

$8 Small $13 Large

Chilli Wedges

With chilli con carne, cheese and sour cream

$8 Small $13 Large


Wide range of canned drinks


Bottle 1.5L

Many more options available


Ginger Beer


Pump Water


Energy Drinks


Cheese Cake

$3.99 Small

Chocolate Moose

$3.99 Small

Chocolate Brownie

$4.99 Small

Choco Berry Dessert Pizza


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

$4.99 Tub

The History of the Flying Pizza

We first opened our Maraetai store in 2008 and now at Kohimarama since 2016.

About Us


Our Story

The Flying Pizza is a convenient takeaway pizza restaurant. We first opened at Maraetai in 2008 and now at Kohimarama since 2016. We invite you to visit your favourite store, or order online to experience our delicious pizza and pasta range with the freshest ingredients and authentic flavours.

Delicious Menu

We love food! More than that, we love and make great freshly prepared pizza, burgers and pasta with the finest and freshest traditional ingredients, which is also good value for money. We also cater for a range of dietary requirements, including gluten free and vegetarian options.


Always Fresh Food

We aim to keep a high standard, whether it be customer service or the quality of our freshly made food. We want to keep our valued customers happy and satisfied! Many of our pizzas are garnished with various fresh herbs and fresh parmesan. Our bases and crusts are authentic, made daily the way it should be. Not thick, not thin, just perfect.

Kohimarama Store:

152 Allum Street Kohimarama

0508 050808


Opening Hours

Monday.................11:30am - 9pm

Tuesday.................11:30am - 9pm

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Thursday.................11:30am - 10pm

Friday.................11:30am - 10pm

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Sunday.................11:30 - 9pm

Quality & Delicious Food Since 2008

152 Allum Street Kohimarama

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